How Safe is Your CAD Data?

Why Onshape Better Protects Your Intellectual Property from Hackers & Accidental Leaks
How Safe is Your CAD Data?

Nearly every day, there’s another horror story in the news about millions of credit card numbers or other personal information being stolen. However, theft or loss of intellectual property – a company’s valuable design data – doesn’t always make the headlines.

In this eBook, you’ll learn the most common reasons why companies lose their CAD files and how designing in a secure cloud workspace like Onshape can significantly reduce your risks. Because Onshape stores only one master copy of your work in the cloud, you always retain tight control over who can access your designs.

You’ll also learn Onshape’s multi-layer approach to CAD security, including:

  1. Password Protected Access
  2. 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  3. Data Backup Procedures
  4. Dedicated Servers
  5. Communications Security
  6. Encryption
  7. Third-Party Security Testing
  8. Additional Security Measures by Amazon Web Services

While no security system – on or offline – can guarantee total impenetrability, Onshape’s many levels of safeguards are likely a sharp improvement over how you are protecting your CAD files now.

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