Navigating Design Projects in a Multi-CAD World

6 Ways to Speed Up Your Design and Manufacturing Process Using Onshape Alongside SOLIDWORKS®
Navigating Design Projects in a Multi-CAD World

Why Do I Need More Than One CAD System?

Forward-thinking companies know the value of evaluating new technologies early to get a jump on the competition. But even companies not yet ready to make Onshape their primary design tool can still reap the real-time benefits of full-cloud CAD.

All of Onshape’s co-founders were instrumental in building SOLIDWORKS in its earliest days and know its strengths and limitations, so it’s no surprise that their new product is attracting many former and current SOLIDWORKS users.

In this eBook, we’ll explore six ways how you can boost innovation and speed up your time to market by adding Onshape into your everyday workflows, including:

  1. Painless Data Exchange Between CAD Systems
  2. Secure Sharing and Real-Time Collaboration
  3. Mobile CAD Access
  4. Efficient Fixture Design
  5. Seamless Integration Between CAD and ERP Systems
  6. Instant CAD Deployment & Access 

Although this eBook specifically calls out SOLIDWORKS, the full-cloud benefits explored here are also applicable for users of AutoCAD®, PTC® and other traditional file-based CAD systems.

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