Onshape's Greatest Tech Tips (Volume 1)

10 things every modern CAD user should know
Onshape's Greatest Tech Tips (Volume 1)

Onshape was created to be extremely intuitive for professionals trained in traditional file-based CAD. If you have a working knowledge of parametric modeling, you will pick up Onshape relatively quickly.

However, there are some powerful and unique features in full-cloud CAD that just don’t exist in traditional CAD, such as Sharing, Version Control, Branching & Merging, Part Studios, In-Context Editing, etc. That's why we created this eBook which guides you step-by-step through 10 of Onshape's greatest tech tips, including:

    1. Using Onshape's Compare Command
    2. Using Onshape's Follow Mode
    3. How to Export and Import DXF Files
    4. How to customize Onshape's Shortcut Toolbar
    5. And many more!

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