Product Design Tips, Tools and Processes for Hardware Startups

How to Use Onshape’s Next-Generation CAD & Data Management Platform to Speed Up Product Development
Product Design Tips, Tools and Processes for Hardware Startups

Founding a hardware startup with an awesome product idea isn’t enough. You’ve got to finance it, manufacture it, market it and sell it. Not fully thinking through all these aspects before you start modeling in CAD can make the difference between success and failure.

Building a working prototype and starting a crowdfunding page is not the same as securing equity funding and manufacturing thousands of production units. As you go through a number of design iterations, unanticipated problems inevitably arise. Until these problems are resolved and you fully understand your manufacturing costs and supply chain logistics, securing that vital funding and moving on to the next stage of your business plan can be a major hurdle. In this eBook, we will focus on the areas that you DO have direct control over – your design, your design processes and your design tools. If you carefully plan for those things, you’ll be much better equipped to handle the unexpected business challenges that are bound to come your way.

You also learn why top hardware startups are making Onshape their primary CAD and data management platform, including:

  1. GreenSight Agronomics (Agricultural Drones)
  2. DarkAero (Aviation)
  3. Silverside Detectors (Homeland Security)
  4. IonQ (Quantum Computing)
  5. XING Mobility (Electric Vehicles)
  6. BMF Material Technology (3D Printing)

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