The Product Innovation Imperative

A Leader’s Guide for Using Cloud-Based Product Development Tools to Drive Teamwork and Innovation
The Product Innovation Imperative

Forward-thinking manufacturers have always regarded product innovation as a vital component for long-term success – and today’s unpredictable business climate has only magnified its importance. 

Innovation is not just about product differentiation and making incremental improvements, but also requires optimizing processes, streamlining internal and external communication, and exploring new technologies. 

The Product Innovation Imperative is a practical guide for engineering and manufacturing leaders to pressure test their own organizations to identify areas of improvement. In this eBook, you’ll explore the following business-critical topics:

  • How manufacturing companies are responding to the “New Normal” of remote work and challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic

  • Why product development teams are now aggressively adopting digital and cloud productivity tools for sustainable advantage  

  • How earlier team communication and collaboration impacts product innovation

  • How market dominance can quickly erode if innovation becomes an afterthought

  • How a cloud-native Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product development platform differs from legacy, on-premise CAD and product data management systems

The end of each chapter includes a checklist of “Essential Questions for Your Product Development Team” to assist you in re-evaluating your current innovation strategies and formulating new ones.

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