The State of Product Development & Hardware Design 2020

What are the biggest challenges facing today’s design and manufacturing teams – and their most important priorities for improvement?
What a difference a year makes.

While the foundational skills and processes of product development haven’t changed over the past 12 months, the coronavirus pandemic has added extra layers of complexity and uncertainty to every business operation.

To better understand the most pressing challenges facing engineering and manufacturing teams today, Onshape commissioned the independent third-party research firm Isurus to conduct a broad-based industry survey.

In The State of Product Development & Hardware Design 2020 report, which took the pulse of nearly 1,000 professionals at manufacturing companies across the world, you’ll gain insights on the following questions:

  • How do executives, managers, engineers and designers rate their own productivity?
  • How do product development professionals rate their companies’ ability to drive innovation?
  • Do executives and engineers have differing views about the capabilities and performance of their product development teams?
  • How satisfied are product development professionals with the technology being deployed to do their jobs?
  • What aspects of the product design process need to be improved the most?
  • How prepared are companies to equip their employees to work remotely?

Learn what forward-thinking companies have identified as their top priorities for improving the product development process – and explore how new approaches and tools are helping teams collaborate earlier and more efficiently, driving a culture of innovation.

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