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The State of Product Development & Hardware Design 2023-2024

Engineering and manufacturing leaders reveal their top challenges, strategies for success, and experiences adopting newer technologies.

In a world reshaped by war, pandemics, climate change, volatile supply chains, and evolving workplace norms, the product design industry remains strong, consistently introducing cutting-edge products that resonate with today's market. Amid these ongoing challenges, how are organizations showcasing such resilience? What's their secret?

Dive deep with Onshape's extensive annual survey of CAD and PDM professionals conducted independently by the trusted research firm Isurus. Examining the sentiments and strategies of 1,400+ engineering and manufacturing professionals worldwide, this survey offers insights including:

  • Insights about the Mainstream CAD Market: Understand the core challenges facing product development teams today – from time wastage and communication breakdowns to the demands of flexible workspaces.

  • The Shift to Cloud: Learn about the rapid shift towards use of newer cloud products and how this transformation is impacting user satisfaction.

  • Demystifying Cloud: With every CAD vendor advertising ‘cloud’, this eBook will help you discern genuine innovation from marketing gimmicks. Equip yourself to make informed choices by learning the difference between cloud-native, hybrid-cloud and traditional desktop tools, and why CAD and PDM professionals gravitate towards certain benefits and platforms.

The survey report includes users of all major CAD, PDM and PLM solutions, with a specific focus on mainstream products including SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, Solid Edge, Fusion 360 and Onshape.

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