Let’s Get Technical: Transitioning to Onshape from SOLIDWORKS

Answers to the 10 most common questions asked when transitioning to Onshape from SOLIDWORKS

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Onshape is here to help you and your team transition to our cloud-native product development platform from any legacy CAD system, notably SOLIDWORKS. To aid in the switch, we’ve put together this guide answering the 10 most common questions asked during a CAD system transition.

The Guide is broken into easy-to-read “How Do I” overview sections:


  1. Migrate my data to Onshape from SOLIDWORKS?

  2. Share data with supply chain partners?

  3. Export and import data to manufacturing with Onshape?

  4. Set up drawing templates in Onshape?

  5. Create a purchased Parts Library in Onshape?

  6. Understand the difference between a Part Studio in Onshape and a Part File SOLIDWORKS?

  7. Create a Bill of Materials in Onshape?

  8. Customize the material library in Onshape?

  9. Use version control for designs in Onshape?

  10. Add users to Onshape? Where would you find the function to add new users?

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