You can have the most amazing product in the history of civilization, but no one will buy it if they don’t know about it. Advertisers and marketers spend a ton of money on eye-tracking research, analyzing where consumers look first on a screen. A well-placed, eye-catching banner can draw trade show guests from across a convention center floor. So much of marketing is dependent on visuals and our brains are wired to look at pictures over words.

When putting together marketing materials, it’s often a lot easier to use computer-generated 3D models over photography. For starters, the product might not exist yet or current prototypes might be too early in development to share.

But from a pure graphic design perspective, rendered product images are “cleaner” to work with. You don’t have to bother masking out a cluttered background in Photoshop. Going straight to the CAD model saves significant time.

Typically, what happens is that a marketing person will walk over to engineering and say, “Hey, I need a high-resolution image of such and such.” But the engineer is often busy with other work and puts the request on the back burner. Then the deadline approaches and the stress level inevitably rises. The marketing person thinks he or she is being ignored – and sometimes that’s accurate – while the engineer thinks the marketing person is a complete pain in the neck (sometimes that’s accurate, too).

But if the marketing team has Onshape, they can request to be shared into a model, which takes a few seconds for engineering with a mouse click. Anyone with a free Onshape account has full viewing permissions (once shared in by the Document owner). Most often marketing only needs to take a high-resolution screenshot off a large monitor. If the department needs to do a deeper dive, they can have their own Onshape Professional account with no hidden IT or licensing costs.

The need for 3D images arises often. Models are handy for introducing new products, demonstrating at trade shows, sharing images with media, preparing special customer reports, creating instruction manuals, documentation and numerous other tasks.

With Onshape, marketing professionals no longer need to constantly “bug” engineering for images!

Onshape is Modern and Affordable CAD

Because the cost of traditional desktop-installed CAD has been prohibitive, it’s understandable why 3D tools have been out of reach for most professionals outside the core product design team.

However, the affordability of Onshape allows companies to take advantage of full-cloud CAD throughout their organizations. Beyond improving your marketing materials, here are some other ways that Onshape can improve the way you do business:

  1. Speeding Up Jig & Fixture Design – Although 3D CAD is an essential tool for product design, it has seldom been used to create jigs and fixtures because of the traditionally high cost. But with browser-based Onshape, manufacturing engineers can now design jigs and fixtures on a tablet at their workstations – instead of tripping over each other on the shop floor to use the one computer installed with CAD.

  2. Accelerating Sales Results – Engineers teamed with sales reps can make requested design changes on the spot as impressed prospects follow along on their phones. In addition, Onshape Documents can efficiently aggregate 3D design information with existing customer data for better sales intelligence.

  3. Enriching Customer Engagement & Support – Using Follow Mode and Onshape Comments, you can visually communicate with customers from within your design models and better respond to their needs.

  4. Improving Communication With Suppliers – Instantly and securely sharing your designs with suppliers helps you quickly source the best components. There are never any software compatibility problems because all Onshape users are always on the same version of CAD – the latest one.

  5. Improving Accuracy in Order Fulfillment & Inventory Management – Warehouse workers can quickly verify the contents of shipments by matching 3D models to their corresponding parts – all with the click of a hyperlink. Every Onshape Document, Part Studio, Assembly, Drawing, and Version has its own unique URL address that can be pasted into any database.

Interested in learning more? Contact us to request a trial of Onshape Professional and get a taste of what cloud-native CAD has to offer.