In the early stages of a design’s development, if you want to get real-time customer input and feed it back to the product definition team or product design team, Onshape’s built-in collaboration tools are a powerful way to communicate.

Running in a web browser or through a mobile app on any computer, tablet or phone, Onshape is the only professional 3D CAD system that enables multiple people to simultaneously collaborate on a design model. Using permissions, you always have complete control over who can access your IP and at what level. You can instantly grant and revoke permissions to view, comment and edit Documents with a mouse click.

Once you and your customer are in the same Document, you can synchronize your screens and go into Follow Mode. With both of you looking at the same thing at the same time, it’s easy to point out features and discuss the design without the delays of sending emails back and forth with screenshots. Instead of trying to verbally describe a specific problem or design change, you can zoom in on the designated area and the person following you can instantly see what you’re talking about.

Another convenient visual way to communicate with customers is through Onshape Comments. You can tag individual features, sketches, parts, mates, mate connectors and more and have chatroom conversations about the tagged areas in real time (similar to the dialogue you might have with a collaborator while editing copy in Google Docs).You can also tag people with Onshape Comments, which automatically sends them an email notification when a response is needed.

The easier you make it for your customers to communicate with you, the quicker you will be seen as a trusted partner.

Onshape is Modern and Affordable CAD

Because the cost of traditional desktop-installed CAD has been prohibitive ($5,000+ for a license and $1,295+ in annual maintenance fees), it’s understandable why 3D tools have been out of reach for most professionals outside the core product design team.

However, the affordability of Onshape ($125/month billed annually) allows companies to take advantage of full-cloud CAD throughout their organizations. Beyond improving customer engagement and support, here are some other ways that Onshape can improve the way you do business:

  1. Speeding Up Jig & Fixture Design – Although 3D CAD is an essential tool for product design, it has seldom been used to create jigs and fixtures because of the traditionally high cost. But with browser-based Onshape, manufacturing engineers can now design jigs and fixtures on a tablet at their workstations – instead of tripping over each other on the shop floor to use the one computer installed with CAD.

  2. Accelerating Sales Results – Engineers teamed with sales reps can make requested design changes on the spot as impressed prospects follow along on their phones. In addition, Onshape Documents can efficiently aggregate 3D design information with existing customer data for better sales intelligence.

  3. Enhancing Marketing Collateral – The constant need for quality product images shouldn’t be the engineering department’s burden. 3D models and rendered images make press releases, trade show banners and other promotional materials shine.

  4. Improving Communication With Suppliers – Instantly and securely sharing your designs with suppliers helps you quickly source the best components. There are never any software compatibility problems because all Onshape users are always on the same version of CAD – the latest one.

  5. Improving Accuracy in Order Fulfillment & Inventory Management – Warehouse workers can quickly verify the contents of shipments by matching 3D models to their corresponding parts – all with the click of a hyperlink. Every Onshape Document, Part Studio, Assembly, Drawing, and Version has its own unique URL address that can be pasted into any database.

Interesting in learning more? You can fully explore each of the above strategies in the eBook, “Extending CAD’s Business Value Beyond Core Design.” Download your free copy today!