As any designer or engineer seeking to address a challenging problem will tell you, the path to a product design solution is seldom easy – or linear.  Many organizations are seeking to reduce the time spent on the administrative hassles traditionally associated with file-based CAD product development. 

These challenges often include sorting through copies of multiple design files, addressing version control issues, and compiling feedback from stakeholders in a slow, error-prone manner.  

Onshape was built from scratch with team collaboration in mind, streamlining the development process by providing CAD users with an array of purpose-built tools that let them quickly share ideas, easily annotate changes, and efficiently gather input from other team members.

Because there are so many useful Onshape collaboration tools, we had to spread out the list over two blogs (Part 1 is here.)  Let’s continue the Top 10 countdown:

6. Real-Time Notifications 

Real-time notifications ensure that designers and engineers receive timely “pushed” updates of comments in both the application and the user’s email.  For extended team stakeholders, the feature lets users know when a thread that they are part of has received a new comment. Because users now can see comments as they are made, real-time notifications improve team engagement and collaboration. 

Real-time notifications reduce the administrative hassle and friction of manually logging into a design to simply “get up to speed” on feedback from other team members. The feature helps streamline team collaboration and improves communication, enabling a faster time-to-market. 

7. Markups