Over the last decade, California has dealt with an unprecedented drought by implementing tight water restrictions for residents and businesses. The state has banned all salt-based water softeners because they release salts back into the environment, which can be detrimental to crops when wastewater is repurposed for agriculture.

Highlighting California’s needs during the drought, water technology company Voltea is launching two new salt-free, chemical-free water softeners at the 2018 Pacific Coast Builders’ Conference later this month in San Francisco. Voltea’s latest eco-friendly offerings are:

  • DiUse – a point-of-use system installed where the water source is connected to equipment such as coffee makers and soda fountains. Aimed at hotels, restaurants and cafes.
  • DiEntry – a point-of-entry system that offers water treatment for all the water softening requirements in an entire home or small business.

Voltea is the inventor of Membrane Capacitive Deionization (CapDI©) technology, which not only removes negative ions (salt/hardness) from water using electricity, but also enables users to “tune” that water to their desired salinity regardless of any fluctuations in feed water characteristics. This function is especially useful for restaurants eager to serve the perfect cup of coffee.

Onshape Boosts Collaboration and Saves Design Time

Onshape’s comprehensive edit history helps Voltea track every design change, allowing engineers to instantly restore their CAD model to any previous state.

For the design of its new DiUse and DiEntry products, Voltea chose Onshape, a modern professional 3D CAD system that unites advanced modeling tools and design data management in a secure cloud workspace.

With five engineers split between their offices in Texas and the Netherlands, Voltea chose to switch from SOLIDWORKS® to Onshape when it employed only two engineers and needed to expand. Onshape’s ability to let multiple people simultaneously collaborate on the same model was especially appealing and the company was looking for a file management solution that didn’t require an elaborate PDM system.

“Onshape helps us track our designs better,” says lead engineer Steven Whitacre. “We have a very comprehensive edit history of what's changed and what our design revisions are. In SOLIDWORKS, I would have to copy the design in our current/archived version. It was very manual and not very efficient.”

“In Onshape, it just feels automated. I don’t have to worry about file management. I don’t have to do a lot of IT. Before, I used to devote at least 15% of my time doing file management,” he adds.

Of course, water conservation issues extend far beyond California. To learn more about how Voltea engineers are iterating water treatment solutions faster with modern CAD, visit the Onshape Customer Stories page.