When Canadian startup Taiga Motors needed to increase their design team by a factor of 10, one of their immediate tasks was choosing a CAD system: Do they buy 9 more seats of their current system or evaluate alternatives?

One of the key reasons the company chose Onshape to design the world’s first commercial electric snowmobile was its built-in data management. Based on a unique database architecture, Onshape allows teams to collaborate in a secure cloud workspace with no worries about engineers overwriting each other’s work. When someone makes an edit anywhere, everyone on the team instantly sees it.

“We like to think of ourselves as a pioneer in our field, but we also want to be a pioneer in the way that tech startups function nowadays,” says Paul Achard, co-founder of Taiga Motors. “We want to seriously evaluate new ways of doing design and Onshape is a big part of that. I like working with a company that’s trying to do CAD the way it should be done in the year 2020, as opposed to how it was imagined in 1991 when I was born.”

“If we were using SOLIDWORKS or Autodesk, we’d need either remote server storage or our own physical server. And then we'd be using some kind of PDM system for version control to make sure people aren't editing parts over each other. From my experience, that's just a huge pain to deal with and a serious investment in time,” he adds.

“With Onshape, since it's all cloud-based and there’s only one version of your design kept in one place, everything is easy to find,” Achard says. “Unlike with my previous CAD system, if I want to find a part, I can just search it in the search box. It finds it immediately. It doesn't find 7,000 different versions of the part. I know exactly which one is current, which one's up to date.”

What does it all add up to? Peace of mind and the freedom to focus on their work instead of their software. No worries about design gridlock slowing the team down.

“I've gone from a scenario where I really had to think about file management every time I used CAD, to it being a non-issue,” Achard says. “And so now I can just move on to something else in my life.”

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