Skateboarding is great exercise. But just like it sometimes makes sense to use an escalator or elevator over the stairs, electric skateboards are forging their place in the commuting world. Granted, you can’t glide on a four-lane highway, but powered boards are extremely practical – not to mention fun – for trips across campus or short rides to work.

Inboard Action Sports co-founder Theo Cerboneschi wanted an electric board when he was a mechanical engineering student at the University of Colorado, so he made his own, using a belt to connect the motor and the wheels. His initial product was clunky, making a lot of noise on his way to class and had a very mechanical feel to the ride.

Many incarnations later, Cerboneschi came up with the sleeker and quieter M1 – an electric longboard that has the same feeling as a traditional one. The secret: No belts or gears getting in the way.

The motors are INSIDE the wheels, free-floating on spinning bearings. The M1’s rechargeable battery fits neatly inside the hollow deck.

“Before, many of the electric boards looked kind of like a science project,” notes Inboard’s marketing director Nate Appel. “Just haphazardly pieced together with the motor and batteries on the board with wires everywhere. With our board, all that clutter is taken away.”

“Look Mom, no hands!” - Inboard Action Sports CTO Theo Cerboneschi demonstrates the electric M1 longboard, which he says is easier to balance on than a traditional skateboard.

Inboard’s design team chose full-cloud Onshape as their CAD system as a more affordable option for their startup after learning about it in TechCrunch.

But cost has become a secondary factor, as Inboard designers have enjoyed being more productive by being able to have multiple people work on the same model at the same time.

“The old way was to email files back and forth, but right now I can modify something and it shows up instantly on my colleague’s computer,” Cerboneschi says. “It’s pretty amazing.”

“I’m originally from France and I go back there quite often. It’s pretty convenient for me to still be able to work with the team even though I’m not back at the office,” he adds.

To learn more about how Inboard is using Onshape to change the skateboarding world, read “Sweat-Free Skateboarding” on our Customer Story page.

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