According to the industry research firm Tractica, the artificial intelligence (AI) market is projected to multiply 25X by 2025. Not surprisingly, manufacturing is expected to be a core growth area.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Universal Logic integrates custom AI systems with vision, grasping and motion control to give machines human-like flexibility at high speed for half the cost of labor.

For a taste of what Universal Logic does, watch the video below to see how their Neocortex artificial intelligence enables this high-speed bin-picking robot to pick randomly oriented plastic rolls from a caged bin:

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But let’s back up a bit, and take a look at how the “brains” and the “body” of these robots are integrated.

“Getting accurate part information to our engineers, designers, management and the manufacturing vendor is crucial,” says Owen Long, the Engineering Ops Manager at Universal Logic. “Previously, out-of-sync information had led to incorrect parts being manufactured.”

“Onshape now enables us to share information quickly and ensures that everything is as accurate and as up-to-date as possible.” he says. “This reduces the risk of human error.”

Universal Logic, an artificial intelligence and robotics integration company, relies on Onshape to design its automated systems for manufacturing.

Onshape’s Sharing feature enables companies to securely and instantly collaborate with a colleague, vendor, customer or partner by granting them editing, commenting or view-only access rights to a CAD model. Equally valuable is the ability to instantly withdraw outside access to designs when a project is over, reducing the risk of unintentionally leaking your intellectual property.

When using SOLIDWORKS or any other old file-based CAD system, engineers usually have to choose one of these four options to share their work:

  • Email files back and forth.
  • Put them in elaborate Product Data Management (PDM) systems, which require CAD users to check out files from “the vault.”
  • Put them on an FTP site.
  • Use a storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

“Much of our work in my group requires pulling in other vendors, making sure systems fit together, and working together with the customer to assess their requirements,” Long says. “At any one time, we might be working with several dozen key stakeholders who may need to see the design. I’d estimate that Onshape Sharing saves about 10 minutes on each review, so that time savings quickly adds up.”

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