The mission of Hirebotics, an industrial robotic systems integrator based in Nashville, Tennessee, is just like the company’s name sounds. Hirebotics makes it possible for factories to hire robots as easily as hiring employees, renting their services by the hour.

As The Washington Post notes, creating a robot workforce is not always about finding cheaper employees who never complain or call in sick. In some areas of the United States where unemployment is low, manufacturers are now having an extremely tough time staffing their shifts, period.

Companies that require robots to supplement their workforce often want their custom solutions yesterday. To meet those increasingly tight deadlines, Hirebotics chose Onshape to speed up not only their design process, but their onsite installations as well.

Full CAD access on tablets and phones means that Hirebotics engineers don’t need to lug around large drawing books on the factory floor – and can make customers’ last-minute design changes on the spot.

Hirebotics mechanical engineer Dan Adams with an industrial robot for hire.

Hirebotics COO Matt Bush recalls that when he was first evaluating Onshape Professional, he was immediately impressed with how its built-in collaboration tools let multiple engineers simultaneously work on their complex assemblies (Hirebotics robots have thousands of parts). When one engineer makes an edit, everyone else on the team instantly sees it.

“What Onshape is really allowing us to do is to build our business and shape the tool to what we need it to be, not shape our business to what the tool is,” Bush says.

To see the Hirebotics design team in action, watch the video below:

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