It’s been a few years since my parenting gear included baby strollers, but the memories are as fresh as yesterday. Even a trip as brief as the supermarket required the planning of an overnight campout. There were diapers, baby wipes, snacks, drinks, a blanket, and most importantly, a change of clothes in case of an “incident.”

So I fully appreciate the “adapt&survive” motto of global baby gear manufacturer phil&teds, which pledges to help break parents out of “nursery jail,” the mental state where you determine it is much easier to stay home than lug a bunch of stuff around.

The New Zealand-based company – which sells its innovative baby buggies, travel cribs, bassinets, high chairs, car seats, and other gear in more than 40 countries – is one of the early pioneers in all-terrain strollers. You don’t have to take your baby to the Grand Canyon to prove the value of tough buggy tires – muddy soccer fields and slushy curbside puddles can be formidable challenges, too.


With baby gear tough enough for camping, phil&teds promises parents their adventurous lives need not end in the delivery room.

Why phil&teds Designs in Onshape

To create its versatile baby products, phil&teds chose the only cloud design platform that combines CAD, release management, workflow, collaboration, and an API with more than 50 engineering applications.

“Even though children aren’t using our products for that long, they do get a hammering,” says Phil Brace, lead designer for phil&teds. “Quality products come from quality designs and Onshape gives me an updated overarching view of everything we have in development. Every morning, I always know the status of our projects and who is working on what.”

“As a designer, what excites me about cloud-based CAD are the opportunities to collaborate with my colleagues and factory partners in real time. Onshape is a huge time-saver. Whether it is making our company twice as efficient or 10 times as efficient, it definitely helps us achieve our goals faster and at a higher level,” he adds.

With Onshape’s real-time data management, whenever an engineer makes a change or edit to their 3D CAD model, everyone on the design team instantly sees it. A comprehensive Edit History also records who made what changes and when, allowing the team to return to any prior state of the design at any time.

New Zealand-based phil&teds designs its award-winning baby gear in Onshape, the leading cloud design platform that includes CAD and data management.

“I’ve used a lot of CAD tools over the years – Pro E, Catia, SOLIDWORKS, you name it,” adds Brace. “The number one thing I love about Onshape is that I no longer have to go hunting for files. I look in one place to find everything I need. Whether it’s a co-worker’s design, an update from the factory or my own work, it’s all there.”

“When we were using a PDM system, the process of checking in and checking out files was a nightmare,” he says. “The factory guys would make some tweaks to a design, but sometimes forgot to update the PDM. With Onshape, we’re always confident we are looking at the latest version.”