5 Reasons Why Desktop CAD Users Don’t Renew Their Subscriptions

Thinking about renewing your CAD system? Decisions about CAD software features, support, and renewals are not simply about licensing or cost savings; they are also business decisions to get the best value out of product development investments.

Hear directly from Adrian Velazquez, CAD Engineering Manager at Dexcom, about why his engineering team began evaluating Onshape, and strategies all teams can use to successfully shift CAD systems. You will see first hand - with a demo - the differences between cloud-native Onshape vs. CAD softwares that don’t fully leverage the benefits of cloud, such as cloud-based or cloud-storage solutions.

When judging Onshape vs legacy CAD systems, top customer decision criteria include:

  • Cost, licensing & value for money
  • Productivity & reliability 
  • Secure collaboration 
  • Data management (PDM)
  • Support
  • Data Migration