5 Things Engineers Must Try with the Xometry Onshape App

Xometry’s app for Onshape is packed with features, including instant pricing, lead times, and visual design-for-manufacturing feedback. In this webinar, Xometry’s Greg Paulsen joins Onshape’s Aaron Magnin to go in depth demonstrating the top things to try using the free app. You will learn:
  • What the app is and how to navigate all its functions
  • How Xometry’s instant pricing works for multiple manufacturing processes from CNC machining, to sheet metal, to 3D printing.
  • How to interpret DFM feedback and cost drivers over different processes
  • What processes offer the fastest lead times, lowest costs, or highest level of configuration
  • The additional options available when clicking “View Xometry Instant Quote”

The Xometry Onshape Instant Quote App is free, seamlessly integrated, and can be subscribed to directly from the Onshape App Store.