Augmented Reality for CAD Fanatics

While most CAD users are aware of what AR is, many might not realize how much AR is being used today on the manufacturing floors in companies like their own. These are real production applications, not merely showy demos, that are dramatically improving the way frontline manufacturing and service workers do their jobs.

In the future, AR could offer a lot to the CAD user as well.

In this candid chat, Jon Hirschtick, Head of Onshape at PTC, and a founder of Onshape and SOLIDWORKS, is joined by Mike Campbell, Head of Augmented Reality at PTC, and a fellow CAD expert. They discuss:

  • The evolution of AR from “science fiction" and “gaming” to real production applications increasingly being used on the factory floor of manufacturing companies

  • How the paths of AR and CAD could converge in the future

  • The potential for a CAD user to better leverage these complementary technologies