Designing for Science Olympiad Events with Onshape

CAD is the digital “language” used to bring our ideas to life in the physical world. Science Olympiad teams have been using CAD in various build events over the past few years for prototyping, 3D printing, laser cutting, and more. And we’ve seen firsthand how that has contributed to their success. And with Onshape, incorporating CAD into your team’s processes has never been easier. 

Watch this webinar to learn from an Onshape expert and Science Olympiad alum how you can set your team up for success in multiple events by incorporating fully-online CAD. With a free Onshape education account, your team can model on whatever devices you have, anywhere, and any time.

You'll see examples of how CAD can aid your team in modeling to manufacture for the build events. We also demonstrate how your team can learn engineering skills and technical communication by practicing and participating in Write It CAD It.

Watch this webinar to learn: 

  1. Getting Started with Onshape
  2. Using Onshape for Write It CAD It

  3. Using Onshape for Other Science Olympiad Build Events

  4. Tips & Tricks for Modeling/Manufacturing in Onshape

  5. Additional Onshape Learning Resources