Getting the Most Out of Your Onshape Education Enterprise

Educators everywhere have been leveraging the Onshape Education Enterprise plan for teaching CAD since its release two years ago. The specialized features of the enterprise - Single Sign-On integration, class analytics, and global permission controls - have made it easier than ever for educators to teach CAD to their students.
As teachers have been implementing the enterprise in the classroom, they’ve provided us with important feedback on how we could improve the platform. This led to the release of our brand new feature: Classes & Assignments.
This feature allows instructors to create organized sections of students in Onshape, assign them work, and receive submissions. Managing your students’ documents has never been easier! Watch this webinar to learn more about leveraging your enterprise and using the new Classes & Assignments feature.

Attend this webinar for: 

  1. An overview of the Onshape Education Enterprise plan features (Adding users, Global permissions, SSO integration, Analytics)
  2. An introduction to Classes & Assignments

  3. A look at how to create Classes in Onshape

  4. Tips for creating and publishing Assignments that fit your classroom scenario

  5. A look at simulation in Onshape