How Witted Develops Green Deep-Tech Marine Robots with Onshape

Critical challenges deserve ground-breaking solutions. That’s why Witted partnered with Onshape to adopt the power of digital transformation. Witted focuses on innovative, Greentech products and solutions that aim to bridge the gap between humans and nature.

With Onshape, Witted is empowered to reach global and local goals by crafting new solutions for habitat monitoring, biodiversity protection, and conservation efforts.

You will learn:

- How Witted utilizes Onshape’s advanced, cloud-native technology to gain insights that define generational approaches for biodiversity management
- The many ways Onshape allows Witted to create deep-tech solutions that accelerate marine conservation
- How Witted leverages proprietary Robotics, AI, and underwater geo-localization to develop explorer-class drones to data-mine marine habitats