Hone your Onshape Skills with the CAD Challenges App

Onshape’s App Store has many great resources that allow you to take your CAD to the next level. In this webinar, we highlight what makes Onshape apps unique before focusing on a new app developed by the PTC Education team to help learners practice their modeling skills.

CAD Challenges is a fun app that provides modelers with a drawing of a part, set of parts, or assembly and asks them to recreate it. When a user submits their model, they’ll find out if their work matches the prompt and see some stats about their modeling time. 

We demonstrate how the app works and discuss how it can be used to help students prepare for the Onshape Associate Certification exam. We also show how app usage data can provide insights to researchers and help develop next-generation tools for designing with and teaching CAD.

Watch this webinar video to learn:

  • How Onshape apps allow you to analyze and use your models in new ways

  • About the CAD Challenges app and how it can help educators and students practice and level up their modeling skills

  • How we’re enabling data informatics research that can lead to next-generation design and education tools