How and Why to Make the Switch to Onshape for Your CAD Curriculum


Wondering when and how you'll update the CAD program you use in your computer lab? Onshape is fully-online and automatically updates every three weeks, allowing you to put aside the distractions and focus on teaching your students about 3D design on a modern CAD platform. 

Educators - watch this webinar to learn how to make the switch to the Onshape CAD platform. Onshape provides enhanced opportunities to teach engineering without CAD administration or limitations getting in the way. Ditch your outdated desktop software and take your students into the future of CAD with Onshape!

You'll learn

  1. How the switch to cloud CAD will provide new opportunities for project-based learning and collaboration.

  2. How the Onshape CAD platform can improve your modeling workflow with multi-part modeling and ease of assembly.

  3. How to reuse your existing CAD models and curriculum in Onshape.

  4. How to use public models, custom features, and applications to supplement your learning materials.