How to Set Your FIRST Season Up for Success with Onshape

Does your FIRST team rush right into the prototyping phase without planning out your designs? This can lead to a frustrating season of wasting expensive materials, trying to force separate subsystems together, and struggling to meet size constraints at the end of the season. 

Watch this webinar to learn how you can set your team up for success this season by using fully-online CAD with your team. Many teams have wanted to incorporate CAD but haven’t had the devices or expertise to introduce it to their team. With Onshape, your team can CAD on whatever devices you have in whatever circumstances you face this season.

We explore:

  1. Why you should use CAD this season. 

  2. How to incorporate CAD into your FTC or FRC season.

  3. Resources for teaching CAD to the students on your team. 

  4. Best practices for organizing and collaborating on your team’s designs. 

  5. How the Onshape CAD platform can improve your team’s modeling workflow with parts libraries, apps, and custom features.