Make the Switch to Onshape for Collegiate Racing and Design Teams

Are you part of Formula SAEBaja SAEFormula StudentShell Eco-Marathon, or any collegiate design team? CAD is an essential part of any engineering project, but conventional installed CAD can lead to a lot of headaches: team members’ computers aren’t powerful enough, you have to set up PDM for larger projects, members forget to check in their work or bring their files to design reviews, and it’s hard to keep track of the progress of your design.

Watch this webinar to see why professionals are making the switch to Onshape and learn how Onshape can speed up your team’s design process with built-in PDM, real-time collaboration, and free learning resources. You’ll also get a look at recommended workflows for project management and for importing previous CAD data.

You'll learn: 

  1. How the Onshape CAD platform can improve your team’s modeling workflow with built-in PDM and collaboration

  2. How to get your team started in Onshape

  3. The free CAD learning resources available to teams

  4. Best practices for Importing and using your previous year’s CAD data

  5. How to use Onshape with CAM, Simulation, and more