Onshape: A Cloud-Native Fileless Database

Onshape’s Cloud-Native platform exceeds customers’ expectations and stands out amongst alternative offers for Cloud-Storage, Cloud-Hosted, and various other in-the-Cloud CAD and PDM experiences.  

Cloud-Storage, Cloud-Hosted and various forms of mixed Desktop & Cloud solutions which employ file saving and transfers to their databases are both inefficient and susceptible to IP and security risks.  These offers have not changed much the underlying architecture and still employ fixed assembly file references, check-in/check-out procedures and version issues. 

Careful thought went into the redesign and development of Onshape’s Cloud-Native fileless database which provides better management of Parts and Assemblies and builds PDM right into your CAD workflows. 

Improve the way your teams collaborate by relieving them of the hassles and costs of traditional file-based CAD and PDM implementations.  Get Onshape, get agile and get your IP under control.