Onshape Insights - Understanding Student Learning with Analytics

You already know that Onshape’s cloud-native architecture has enabled unprecedented access to professional 3D modeling software for students around the world. But did you know that Onshape’s unique cloud-native architecture can also provide teachers with insights into how their students are learning to use CAD? Enterprise versions of Onshape allow enterprise administrators access to analytics that show detailed information about how documents are being created and shared by users, including every action that each user has made over time. PTC Education’s academic research collaborators have started looking for trends in these data to better understand differences in user behavior with the goal of enabling more responsive teaching to guide novices toward expert design practices.  

 In this webinar, PTC Education team members provide an overview of Onshape Analytics and show you how to access the data behind the CAD models. Dr. Alison Olechowski from the University of Toronto also shares how her lab is using this data to gain new insights into how engineers use CAD. 

The discussion: 

  • Why Onshape’s unique cloud-native architecture enables access to the data behind CAD models 
  • How to use Onshape Enterprise Analytics to understand student behavior
  • Explore the different types of analyses that are possible with Onshape analytics
  • Learn about cutting edge research seeking to understand CAD user behavior