Onshape’s Top 10 Most Exciting Features in 2023

For Onshape users this past year was a whirlwind of continuous and MAJOR updates, made to improve the breadth and depth of the platform.

Join Onshape’s Greg Brown and Cody Armstrong to look back on key updates across a whopping 16 releases in 2023. For those who want to stay in-the-know about cloud-native CAD, PDM and PLM updates, this is a can’t-miss year-end-review.

A few impactful and exciting feature areas we will dive into with product demos include:

  • Surfacing: Boundary surface, Face Blend, Trim Curve
  • Frames: Gusset, Custom Element Libraries
  • Drawings: Inspection Table Panels, Exclude from Section Cut
  • Simulation & Rendering Improvements