Phi Goes Mobile - Surface Modeling at your Fingertips

The Phi surface modeler is now available on your tablet! See how you can take your designs on the road, to the park, or even up a mountain, accessing your Phi models --and the Onshape integration-- whenever, and wherever inspiration strikes. Whether you are already using Phi on your desktop, or you are still looking for a way to easily design your organic shapes, this video is for you.

The Phi surface modeler revolutionizes organic 3D modeling with state-of-the-art proprietary technologies. Intuitive, fast and easy to learn and use, Phi enables everyone to freely design and manipulate 3D models, with top quality, watertight and smooth surfaces. You work with natural free-form curves reflecting your design intent, while Phi automatically and interactively calculates and fills in the surfaces. Ease of modeling is combined with engineering quality, bridging artistic design with precise engineering.