September 20, 2017

Partner Webinar: SIMSOLID Comes to the Cloud

SIMSOLID is next generation, high capacity, structural FEA. It uses new computational methods which allow the solution of large assemblies in seconds to minutes all without geometry simplification or meshing. SIMSOLID is an industry strength solver able to handle a wide variety of real world geometry including assemblies that are a combination of big/small, thick/thick and even lattice based (3D printed) parts.

Coming this fall is a new product, SIMSOLID Cloud. Following the groundbreaking advances introduced by SIMSOLID, desktop. SIMSOLID Cloud now delivers the powerful structural FEA capabilities, as an Onshape Integrated Cloud App. Like Onshape, Integrated Cloud Apps offer the ability to run on multiple platforms, no downloads, no installation or lic to deal with. Solving is done on the cloud and not longer a burden on the local hardware.