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It's the first update of 2024, and we are hitting the ground running. This update includes a number of highly-requested improvements, so we hope you enjoy it! Let's dive in.

But first, please take a moment to try out these new features and improvements and leave your comments in the Onshape Forums post. For a detailed list of all the changes in this update, please see the changelog.

CAD Improvements


You can now insert Decals into Part Studios. Decals are visible in Part Studios, assemblies, and shaded drawing views, and can be useful for inserting company logos or warning/hazard labels.

Offset Curve

Offset curve allows you to offset an edge as a curve on a face. This has a number of uses, as it makes it easy to create offset curves that are attached to a face.

Filter Branches

You can now filter the version graph to only show branches with active workspaces. This makes it easier to filter out old information.

Derived Improvements

Hide and show the individual entities inserted using a Derived feature. In the past, this was limited to hiding or showing the entire feature. This also includes Custom Features that import other features.

View-Only Display States

Display states can now be shared with View-only permissions. This makes it easier for non-CAD users to navigate a complex assembly.

Release Variable Studio

It is now possible to release Variable studios. This allows Variable Studios to go through your company's defined approval and release processes.

Release Variable Studio

Professional Improvements

Reorder Custom Properties

Onshape Professional and Enterprise administrators can now reorder their custom properties. This can be useful when you want the most important properties higher in the list.

Change Date Format

It is now possible to change the date format for date type properties in your company settings.

Change Date Format

Enterprise Improvements

Schedule Reports

Enterprise administrators and Analytics administrators can now schedule reports for custom dashboards to run on a regular basis. The results will be emailed to the defined recipients with a frequency and in a format you choose.

Schedule Reports

Drawings Improvements

Section View Improvements

You can now create a Section view (and Aligned section view) from a Detail view.

Drawing Definition List Export Option

When exporting an Inspection table, you can now export all dimensions to CSV with the new "Drawing definition list" export option.

Learning Center Improvements

Self-Guided Onshape Bootcamp in French, German, and Simplified Chinese

Onshape's Self-Guided Bootcamp is now localized in French, German, and Simplified Chinese. The entire interface, closed captions, transcripts, and exercises are now all fully translated to ensure the best learning experience. The language selector is located in the bottom left while you are inside the Onshape Learning Center

Advanced Part Design Course Improvements

A new video on Decals has been added to the Advanced Part Design Course. It instructs users on utilizing the new Decal feature within a Part Studio.

Understanding Curves Course Improvements

A new video on Offset Curve has been added to the Understanding Curves course. It instructs users on utilizing the powerful, new Offset Curve feature.

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