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Despite February being the shortest month of the year, we're excited to bring you a second release this month! We hope you enjoy some of these drawing and usability improvements.

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General Improvements

Loft ‘Show Connections’ Improvement

When creating a Loft feature, the "connections" toggle now shows implicitly created connection points (connections created by default). This assists in troubleshooting instances of twist, and provides more clarity when creating your own connection points.

Extend - Ellipse

Extend or complete a partially sketched arc or ellipse even if it was previously trimmed.

Drawings Improvements

Maximum Drawing Size

The maximum size of an Onshape drawing sheet has been increased to 1,800 inches square (150 feet). This allows you to create 1-to-1 scale drawings of even larger parts. These outputs are often necessary for operations such as laser or water jet cutting.

Flag Note Size

The size of Flag note symbols may now be adjusted. Additionally, the default size has been increased to create cleaner results for Flag note lists that contain more than nine items.

Hole Callout Limits on Inspection Reports

Hole callout tolerances of upper and lower limits are now mapped to their independent columns in an Onshape Inspection Report.

FeatureScript Improvement

FeatureScript Imports Context Menu

Right-click on any part of an Imported FeatureScript to update its linked document reference.

Android Improvements

Export Dialog

The Export dialog on Android devices has been updated to more closely match that of the web browser.

export dialog on an android device

Create a Version from Insert Dialog

Similar to the browser, you may now create a version directly from the Insert dialog.

Create a Version from Insert Dialog on an Android device

Learning Center Improvements

Video Updates

Take a look at some new and updated videos in various Onshape courses:

  • Administering Onshape Enterprise course: New video on creating custom computed properties for the enterprise.

  • Document Management course: New video on creating and using aggregated assembly properties; and a new video on creating and using computed properties.

  • Onshape Assemblies course: An update to the Simultaneous BOM video to include adding custom computed properties and assembly aggregated properties in the table.

  • Onshape Surface Modeling course: New video on Mutual trim.

Remember: The updates listed here are now live for all users when creating new Documents. Over the next few days, these features will also be available in Documents created before this update.

Now it’s time to take a moment to try out these new features and improvements and leave your comments in the Onshape Forums. For a detailed list of all the changes in this update, please see the changelog.

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