We have an exciting update for you this week packed with features including one of the most requested features to date. Let’s jump in!

Linked Documents

Parts, assemblies, and additional items from other Onshape Documents can now be inserted into your current Document. You will find a new “Browse Documents” command when inserting parts, assemblies, drawing views, derived features, and even sketch images and DXFs.

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Constraint Improvements

Improvements to constraints include the ability to select the constraint type first, a better layout for displaying constraints, and over-defined constraints now appear in the graphics automatically.

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Open Model from Drawing View

You can now open the model referenced in a drawing view. Simply right click and choose the “Open” or “Switch to” command. In addition, drawing view properties also display reference information as well as a link to the model.

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Assembly Expressions

Expressions can now be used for values in Onshape assemblies. This is particularly useful for setting offset values or limits.

Improved Large Assembly Render Performance

Large assembly render performance has been improved with this update. In the past, the level of detail of parts in an assembly was fixed. This led to performance issues with large assemblies that had small detailed parts. With this update, the level of detail will vary depending on part size, complexity, and zoom level.