With this release, Onshape builds on the theme of adding mate relationships to define the motion of complex mechanisms.


Onshape adds a ‘Screw’ mate relationship and a ‘Linear­Linear’ mate relationship. These coupled with the ‘Gear’ and ‘Rack­and­Pinion’ relationship announced in the previous release provide a rich set of tools build complex dynamic mechanisms.


While we are talking about mates, Onshape now includes the ability to modify any mate that constrains linear degrees of freedom to include an offset. This provides the ability to define, for instance, a clearance between any two parts without having to define or modify a mate connector.


In this release, there are a couple of nice additions to sketching.

The first is the ability to now add or remove control points from a spline.


The second sketching enhancement in this release is the ability to toggle any dimension from a driving state to being driven (and back again). This gives the user a lot of flexibility in defining design intent, as well as feedback on reference dimensions.


With this release, Onshape streamlines the tab management workflow by adding new tabs immediately after the active one.


Finally, keep your Document list clean and up-to-date by removing yourself from shares where you no longer need access to the Document.


See all of these new capabilities used and discussed in the accompanying video below: