We’re excited to share a long list of improvements for you with this update. As usual, most of them are user-requested, so thanks for continuing to help us make Onshape better. Now, let’s dig in!

Assembly Linear Patterns

You can now create linear patterns of parts and assemblies at the assembly level. Select the part(s) or assembly that you want to pattern, a direction, and a distance and instance count.


Assembly Circular Patterns

In addition to linear patterns, you can also create circular patterns of parts and assemblies at the assembly level. Select part(s) or assemblies to pattern, an axis, and an angle and instance count.


Parallel Mate

With this update, we have added a new Parallel mate. This mate will ensure two mate connectors stay parallel but still allows for freedom in any linear direction as well as single rotational degree of freedom about the Z axis.


Section View End Caps

Section views in parts and assemblies now show the end caps. Showing these edges makes the section view more clear.



You can now create and tag Documents with Labels. After creating a Label, it will appear in the Document filter list, making it easier to find.


Isolate Improvements

Improvements have been made to the Isolate command that make it easier to select surrounding parts or assemblies. In the Isolate command, there are two new options to expand. You can expand on the selected entity by connectivity, which will select parts or assemblies mated to the current selection. Or you can expand by distance, which selects parts or assemblies based on their distance from the selected entity. A slider makes it easy to expand the depth of connectivity/distance.

Jogged Section Views in Drawings

Jogged section views (sometimes referred to as offset section views) can now be created in Onshape Drawings. Just click a point for each jog in the section view line.