Time for another exciting update packed with user-requested features! Let’s take a look:

Detail Views in Drawings

Detail Views can now be added in Onshape Drawings. Simply select the Detail View command from the toolbar, draw a circle, and then left-click to place the view.

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Line-to-Line Centerlines in Drawings

Line-to-Line Centerlines can now be created in Onshape Drawings. Line-to-Line Centerlines are created with two line references from your drawing view, and are particularly helpful when you do not have two points to reference for a typical 2-Point Centerline.

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Split Improvements

The Split command can now split faces. While in the Split command, you’ll see a “Face” option. Simply select the face you want to split, and the entity you want to split it with. Faces can be split with sketches, planes, and surfaces.

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Under the “Use” command in the sketch toolbar, you’ll find a new “Intersection” command. Intersection allows you to convert the intersection of a face or surface with your sketch plane. This is very useful when trying to reference non-planar faces in your sketch.

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Personal Message When Inviting a Friend

The “Invite Friends” command now allows you to add a personal message to the people you are inviting to use Onshape. This is a great way to explain your invitation – and why you’re excited about Onshape – to your friends.

Performance of Projected Views in Drawings

When creating projected views, you will now immediately see the view rectangle. This gives instant feedback and allows you to move the projected view before it has rendered within the view rectangle.