In this last release of 2015, and to get you ready for the holiday season, we’ve been hard at work on infrastructure and performance improvements, as well as adding neat new tools to Drawings and Assemblies. Sign in to Onshape and try them out.

Datum Symbols and Geometric Tolerances

Onshape drawings now support Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) - specifically Datum Symbols and Geometric Tolerances (Feature Control Frames). Datum Symbols can be attached to flat and circular faces and edges, extension lines on dimensions, and feature control frames. Geometric Tolerances include all the standard tolerance types as well as symbols for material conditions and projected tolerance zones.

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Detail View Envelope

The detail view command, that was added in the last release, has been enhanced to allow you to modify the view after it has been created. You can now change the size and location of the detail view circle and the view will update automatically.

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The Replicate command gives you a quick way to duplicate parts in an assembly. First select the parts you want to copy, then select a plane, face, or part to copy them on to. Onshape will automatically find any geometry that is an exact match and copy the parts with their associated mates to every location found. This is an ideal way to copy fasteners into all similar sized holes in an assembly. You have full control over every copied instance of a part, so you can edit or remove as many as you like without affecting the others.

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Onshape Document and Tab Name in Browser Tab

If you like having multiple browser tabs open so that you can quickly switch between Onshape documents or tabs within a document, each browser tab now shows you both the document name and the tab name to make them easier to find - a nice user requested enhancement!

That’s it for now, more updates in the new year.