It’s been barely two weeks since the last update – how can we possibly squeeze in more? Well, there’s plenty of exciting new features to talk about, so strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride!

Tangent Mate

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You can now simulate the motion of cams, barrel cams, slots, and paths using the new Tangent Mate. Select a face, edge, or vertex from each part to make them tangent to one another. Connected, tangent loops of faces or edges are automatically selected.

Feature Pattern

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In addition to part and face patterns, you can now create linear and circular patterns using features. Each instance of a feature pattern is built like an individual feature, so end conditions like “Up to next” and features like Fillets update and adapt to surrounding geometry. You can also use variables in feature patterns to make incremental changes to dimensions for each pattern instance.

Transform Sketch Entities

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You can now easily change the location and orientation of sketch entities, even if they reference other sketch entities or model geometry. Select the entities you want to move, then right-click and select “Transform sketch entities.” Use the triad to translate or rotate the sketch, then reapply any dimensions or constraints to reposition the sketch in the new location.

Measure Tool

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The Measure tool now lets you measure distances using Mate Connectors. You can also measure the distance between a face, edge, or plane, and the center axis of a circular edge or cylinder, making it much easier to interrogate your models.

Zoom to Window

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You can now drag a window around an area of your model and zoom in using the new Zoom to Window command, which can be activated from the View tools menu or by pressing and holding down W on your keyboard.

Document Description

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You can now add a description to the entire Document in addition to a description for each branch and version. You can change the description at any time. The description is not version controlled (just like the Document name), so you can change it as your design progresses or add descriptive details about branches as they are added. The description can be seen in the details tab on the Documents page, so you know exactly what is in the Document without having to open it.


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Onshape Drawings continue to develop at a rapid pace. This update includes several productivity enhancements, including:

  • You can now create drawing views of entire Part Studios, so you can detail all the parts together without creating an assembly.
  • You can detail circular features cut through faces that are not perpendicular to their axes, making it easier to add centermarks and dimensions.
  • Drawing Templates now have search support for Teams.
  • Two new fonts have been added for drawing properties, notes, and tables.
  • Drawn By and Date have been added as drawing properties in the Title Block.
  • Centerline dashes now match the size of centermarks in drawings.
  • All cells in Title Blocks now have blank, correctly formatted multi-line text notes - just double-click to edit.

And the rest…

  • Sketch entities and dimensions can now be deleted from the right mouse button menu (keeps your hands off the delete key).
  • Mate groups now update when instances are deleted (no longer turns red to indicate missing parts).

We hope you enjoy using these new features – and as always, all feedback is welcome. We're already hard at work on the next round of updates for you!