Last week, we updated our mobile apps to add new features in the never-ending race to catch up with the Onshape development team. If you have your apps set to auto-update, then you will have seen these already. But here's a quick recap:

Universal Toolbar for iPhone and iPad (iOS)

The Onshape App for iOS now sports the same set of toolbars for sketch, features, and assembly mates across iPhone and iPad. This change makes it easier for you to transition between each type of device and find commands quickly. On the iPad, you can select all commands using just your left thumb, so there’s no need to stretch your hands, especially on the larger screen of the iPad Pro.

Extended Hole Feature (iOS)

You can now create standard ANSI inch and ISO metric holes, using the Hole feature on iOS devices. To create a standard hole, specify the standard, size, depth, and if it’s a clearance, tapped or drilled hole. If it’s tapped, the correct drill size will be selected for you. When bolting two or more plates together, you can specify that the top plates have clearance holes and the bottom plate is tapped.

Silhouette Edges (iOS)

You can now see the silhouette edges of parts and assemblies that have cylindrical features, in “Hidden edges removed” and “Hidden edges visible” view modes, when the model is stationary.

Center Point Arc (Android)

You can now create a Center Point Arc when sketching by defining the center, start, and end points. Tap the icon shown above, tap to locate the center of the arc, then tap to locate the start point and drag or tap to position the end point.

Onshape Mobile apps give you complete access to your full CAD system on your phone or tablet. You can create and edit 3D models wherever you go. So check out the updates at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and let us know what you think of the new features!