In this latest update, we have focused on adding some highly requested improvements to Onshape Drawings. As always, the more votes a requested feature gets in the Onshape Forums, the faster it appears in the product. So if you have a burning need for a particular feature, make sure you vote! Also, while this drawing work was going on, we addressed a bunch of other high-priority requests to improve overall stability and performance across the board. Let’s dig in!


Both ANSI and ISO weld symbols can now be added to drawings. The sheet standard you use determines the weld standard and dialog layout. Spot and seam welds, second fillet, symmetric and staggered welds are currently not supported, but will be added in a future update.

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Sometimes, adding dimensions to hidden lines or adding centerlines to hidden holes makes a drawing easier to understand. Now, in Onshape Drawings, you can do this if you wish (even if it is not good practice).

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Now when you create a drawing of a sheet metal flat pattern by either right-clicking the flat pattern view of the model or by selecting the flat pattern filter in the Insert View dialog, bend notes are automatically shown next to each bend line.

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You can now set the priority of a drawing view for both viewing and selection. This is useful if two drawing views are on top of one another and you want to select the view below. This priority setting also applies to images, so you can place views on top of images to create effects like watermarks.

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Drawing thumbnail images are now displayed on the Documents page and also in the tab previews inside a Document. This will make it much easier to determine which Document or tab you need before opening it. The image displays the drawing when it was last modified or closed, so for multi-sheet drawings you will see the sheet you viewed last.