There are a number of exciting new improvements with this update to share:


With this update we’ve added the ability to compare two versions, workspaces, or moments in history of a Part Studio. You will see the “Compare” command in the Actions menu. Onshape uses the currently active version or workspace as the basis for the comparison.

Select the “Compare” command from the version, workspace, or moment in history that you would like to compare against the current active version. Compare will list any differences between the two versions. You can also visualize the differences using the Slider. The Slider is a great way to visualize the changes to a design over time, or to visually see the differences between two branches.


Symmetric Constraint

Also new in this update is the Symmetric constraint when sketching in Onshape. The new Symmetric constraint allows you to define symmetry between sketch entities and a line. Simply select the sketch entities that you would like to have symmetry and the line that you want them to be symmetric about.


Named Views

Named Views are also new in this update and allow you to capture the zoom level, orientation, and perspective state of a tab within Onshape. This makes restoring the model to a custom orientation very simple. You will find the “Named Views” command in the “View Tools” menu.


Email Changes

You can now change the primary email address associated with your Onshape account.  Under the “Manage Account” settings, you will now find an “Email” menu which allows you to add an email address. Once the email address is added, Onshape will send an email to that address asking you to verify it. Once verified, Onshape will allow you to make that email address the primary one.


Measurement Precision

Also noteworthy with this update is an increase in precision when measuring. Inch measurements now go out to 4 decimal places. Metric units, as well as feet and yard measurements, now go to 3 decimal places.