With this latest release of Onshape, we are excited to highlight the following new capabilities:


This capability helps you manage complex sketches by isolating just those portions of open or closed sketch entities that you want to work with. Located under the ‘Trim’ functionality, this tool will split any sketch entity at the selected location. Note that you can use existing references as shown in the video to locate the splits.

SplitCurve Image


Onshape continuously strives to provide the best possible end user experience. With this release, Onshape has significantly sped up tab switching by displaying a progressive render of your part or assembly so that you can immediately begin interacting with your designs. This capability will automatically kick in when needed so you won't always see it.

Progressive Graphics


Onshape provides both a flexible platform, and flexible workflows. With this release Onshape announces the ability to read SolidWorks ‘Pack & Go’ zip files. This capability enables you to read SolidWorks product information (parts, colors and assembly structure) directly from SolidWorks (including toolbox parts) and upload them to Onshape for immediate editing, sharing and collaboration.

Import SW Zip Files Image


Building on the concept of mechanical joints (ball and socket, pin-slot), Onshape now adds the first of a number of upcoming mate relations.  The first two now available are a Gear relation and a Rack-and-Pinion relation. These are a new type of mating capability that use as inputs two mates (either two revolutes, or a revolute and a slider), as well as a numeric input to define the velocity ratio. With these new capabilities, many new functional mechanism types become possible within Onshape.

Mate Relationships Image

As with every release of Onshape, there is no action needed on your part. When we release new capabilities, you automatically have them. No installs, no updates and NO ROLLBACKS because something didn't work!

Please make public any documents that you feel others would benefit from and as always, let’s keep the conversation going in the Onshape Forums so that we know what to work on next.