If you missed the news, Onshape is now your complete engineering solution. With the recent addition of the Onshape App Store, the first “try and buy” app store for the CAD world, you can quickly access simulation, CAM, rendering tools and more with the same ease as using Google Play or iTunes.

We started with 27 app developer partners back in January and we’ll be continuously adding more to give you the best choices available.

Here are the three latest Integrated Cloud Applications available in the Onshape App Store, which you can access with just one click from any Onshape Document (on the + menu):

  1. Swift Calcs for engineering calculations
  2. Kiri:Moto for 2.5 Axis CAM and more
  3. WebGL Exporter for making Onshape models available in standalone HTML code

Let’s take a deeper look at each new app.

Swift Calcs

Swift Calcs is an intuitive and collaborative computational notebook. Its powerful math engine combines MathCAD-like computational capabilities with ‘Google Docs’-style usability and versatility. With Swift Calcs, you enter math equations as they appear on paper, get immediate answers, and share your work instantly with colleagues and clients from any device, anywhere. No special syntax, no software, no headaches, no kidding.

Example: Let's take a look at calculating the size of a plastic snap fit. What is the proper thickness for a given plastic snap fit?

Well, if you have Swift Calcs, you can do some very cool stuff.

First, state the problem clearly with graphics, diagrams and sliders in Swift Calcs:

Notice that sliders and graphics make the explanation of this workbook much easier to understand.

Next, calculate the forces using human-readable equations:

Then using Newton-Raphson solver (of course), plot and get the answer:

Yes, we all knew the answer was t=3.41mm…. :)

This is a great app because it allows you to make your equations very clear and understandable, while doing some very sophisticated calculations.

Swift Calcs is available now for free for a limited time in the Onshape App Store.


Kiri:Moto is a Swiss army knife of capabilities with integrated CAM, laser cutting and 3D Printing modes.

The Integrated Cloud App provides 2.5-axis tool path generation for facing, roughing, profiling and finishing (waterline, linear-x and linear-y).

Did I say “free 2.5 axis CAM inside Onshape?” Why, yes I did.

Fine-grained controls give you the ability to optimize your tool use and tool paths. A preview capability lets you check tool paths with the ability to step through individual z levels. The application also provides a customizable tool library and customizable Gcode post processors.

It generates Gcode for your CNC directly from within Onshape. Anybody can do it.. Simply tell Kiri:Moto what size tools you will use, and verify correct speeds and feeds.

Kiri:Moto will automatically generate toolpaths to cut your part. You supply the CNC machine, Kiri:CAM supplies the Gcode.

See Kiri:Moto cutting this part

And best of all, Kiri:Moto is free. All current capabilities will remain free. Check it out and start cutting some parts!

WebGL Exporter

Have you ever wanted to publish an Onshape model into a standalone offline viewable format? Well, this is the app for you. Just about every browser supports WebGL these days. Exporting your Onshape models to this format offers some interesting capabilities.

WebGL Exporter will create an HTML file. This gives you everything you need to view on most platforms, by simply clicking on the file.

WebGL Exporter is free for the first 10 downloads. Further downloads available via in-app purchase.

You can see a live preview of what WebGL Exporter can do here.

Stay tuned to this blog to keep up to date about future additions to the Onshape App Store.