With this release, Onshape has added a feature that is often requested by users trying to create complex shapes: Lofts!

Lofts are created by selecting profiles to loft between. You can Match vertices to better align the loft, or use Guides to give even more control over the shape.

Also new in this release is the Ellipse sketch tool. You will find it under the Circle Tools in the Sketch Toolbar.

Sketching an ellipse involves three clicks to:

  1. Locate the center point of the ellipse.
  2. Define its major axis; and
  3. Define the minor axis.

One of the other small changes you might notice in this release is that Onshape no longer changes zoom level when doing the “View Normal to” command. In the past, “View Normal to” also included a “Zoom to fit.”

You will find a new option for “Zoom to selection” in the right click menu. This makes zooming to selected entities easy. Those that like to window select and zoom will appreciate this enhancement.

We announced the ability to add Comments to your Documents with the last release. With this release, we added email notifications to Comments. You will be sent an email notification whenever a new Comment is added or replied to.

There are also some small changes to how data is imported and exported. You will now see the option to “Export” when right clicking a tab. This will do both the translation and the download.

The last enhancement that I want to mention involves Public Documents. The Share dialog now has a “Public” button. It in the past, it was a link. A similar change was made to the “Share with Onshape support” option. It is no longer a link and is now a toggle.

For more details on these new features, please watch the video at the top of this post.

Thanks for using Onshape and we look forward to hearing what’s on your mind in the Forums.