The Onshape App Store, the first “try and buy” app store for the CAD world, is constantly adding new developer partners. Onshape is now your complete engineering solution, letting you quickly access simulation, CAM, rendering tools and more with the same ease as using Google Play or iTunes.

Here are the latest Onshape Partner Applications, which you can access with just one click from any Onshape Document (on the + menu) or by visiting the App Store:


Brought to you by CADENAS, PARTcommunity is a free 3D component parts library. You can search, configure and insert parts directly into Onshape.

The Onshape PARTcommunity is an international web-based solution for engineers, designers, technicians, buyers and top decision makers in the mechanical engineering, automotive, ship building, electronic, electrical engineering and building industries.

PARTcommunity is an online portal which offers certified 2D and 3D CAD models from global manufacturers from over 400 catalogs for free. These CAD models can be exported in Onshape formats.

Benefits of the Onshape PARTcommunity include:

  • Engineers save time in the design process
  • All CAD models are certified from the suppliers
  • All CAD models are available in native Onshape formats
  • 2D and 3D CAD models can be downloaded free
  • Many intelligent search methods are available, such as Geometric Similarity Search, Sketch Search, etc.


3YOURMIND is a simple but elegant 3D printing service. The app lets you analyze models, compare material costs and compare prices of various services for 3D printing your Onshape part.

3YOURMIND is a one-stop shop for 3D printing. It lets you compare 3D printing options and see prices from various 3D printing services depending on scale and material. You can also repair and analyze your model.


This app is free integrated Bill of Materials (BoM) management for Onshape. Track, control, share and edit your BoMs.

Do you create Bill of Materials? OpenBoM is a new cloud data collaboration tool to manage BoMs and remove the pain of tracking product data spreadsheets across networks of engineers, supply chain managers and contract manufacturers.

OpenBoM features include:

  • An ability to track BoM records and revisions
  • Viewing history of changes to a BoM
  • Flexible BoM configuration with fully customizable properties
  • Sharing BoMs with teams, manufacturers and suppliers
  • Simultaneous BoM editing across organizational and geographic boundaries
  • Tracking part usage across multiple BoMs with intelligent “Where used” queries
  • Integration with MCAD and ECAD tools to import BoM and changes


SLAcer is a slicer for SLA type 3D printers.

Those of you with access to an SLA 3D printer can now create all the layered sections of your model formatted and ready to print. You have a lot of control and options.

SLAcer is a free Integrated Cloud App. It takes the Onshape model and creates 2D layered x-sections, ready to print. You get a single zip file comprised of 2D sections that print directly. The Onshape App store already had FDM, laser cutting and CAM. Now with SLAcer, you have SLA tools all from within your Onshape Document.