The Onshape Mobile apps continue to set the standard for creating professional 3D CAD models wherever you are. Let’s take a look at the most recent update.

Derived Feature (iOS)

Derived Features can now be inserted using the Onshape iOS app. Simply tap the Derived Feature command and select the feature you want to insert.

Box Select (iOS)

Box selections are now supported in the Onshape iOS app. Use a two-finger tap and hold, then size the box over the entities you are trying to select.

Variables (iOS)

Variables can now be created using the Onshape iOS app. Simply tap the Variable command from the toolbar, then type in a name and value. To use a variable, enter the hash symbol and then variable name when entering a dimension.

Render Modes (iOS)

Different render modes are now available in the Onshape iOS app. Tap the View Cube and you will see the same render mode options that are available in the browser. In addition to these new render modes, you can also do a section view of your model right from within the Onshape iOS app.

Check out these latest updates at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store    and let us know what you think of the new features!