As you may know, the Onshape App Store makes finding new engineering apps – such as CAM, simulation, rendering, manufacturing and data management – as easy as browsing iTunes or Google Play. Many of our development partners offer Integrated Cloud Apps which work directly within Onshape Documents.

Because new offerings and product improvements are frequently being added to the App Store, we will periodically share updates with you in this blog. Let’s take a look of some of the more recent additions:



migenius RealityServer provides interactive photorealistic 3D rendering using the power of GPU processing in the cloud. With a user-friendly interface and powerful NVIDIA Iray rendering technology, RealityServer provides a set of easy-to-use tools to create high-quality imagery from your Onshape Documents. Two free hours per month are included and you can purchase additional rendering hours as you need them. Some key features include:

  • Physically accurate photorealistic rendering in the cloud.
  • Dedicated rendering servers with high-end GPU hardware.
  • A library containing more than 1400 high-quality, pre-defined materials.
  • Automatic UV mapping for easy texture mapping.
  • Reconverting and updating your model while keeping materials.
  • Rendering at any size or quality.
  • Various natural and artificial lighting configurations.

To learn more, check out this tutorial video for RealityServer for Onshape.


VisualCAMc is a new production-grade CAM application based on the industry-proven technology, VisualCAM. VisualCAMc supports 2 ½ Axis and 3 Axis milling cutter paths directly inside an Onshape Document. As an Integrated Cloud App, VisualCAMc can be used from any device, anytime and from anywhere in the world.

VisualCAMc is now available in beta and is being prepared for final commercial release later this year. This beta release is free for anyone with an Onshape account who is approved by MecSoft.

Click here if you are interested in signing up for the VisualCAMc Beta program!


SIMSOLID Cloud is a new browser-based Integrated Cloud App. Featuring a cloud-based user interface and distributed compute engine, the app contains the complete feature set in desktop SIMSOLID. Its unique approach does not have the meshing limitations found in traditional FEA. Instead, the application is based on new technology that works directly on the unsimplified CAD geometry and does not use a mesh.

With SIMSOLID Cloud, you never have to leave your familiar Onshape environment. All modeling, analysis and results visualization are completely embedded.

Click here if you are interested in signing up for the SIMSOLID Beta program.


OpenBOM has taken a step into the realm of manufacturing by providing Onshape users the ability to create an Order BOM to perform production planning. The Order BOM is OpenBOM’s first practical step toward closing the gap between engineering and manufacturing. After you release a BOM in the current version of OpenBOM, you’ll be able to create production batches to plan the number of product units to be manufactured. OpenBOM will create an Order BOM, which includes information about the required and gap quantities for each part.

The Order BOM can be shared with contractors and suppliers for follow-up and collaboration on parts delivery. Furthermore, the Order BOM can be integrated with bookkeeping or ERP systems for procurement and order tracking. When the Order BOM is released to production, the inventory quantity on hand for each part will be updated automatically in the OpenBOM Part Catalogs (inventories). To learn more, please read this blog post.

Other new OpenBOM features include:

  • Support For Onshape Custom Properties – Onshape Professional users now have the capability to extract custom properties from Onshape to OpenBOM. Learn more here.
  • New BOM Creation Configuration Page – Based on your feedback, we’ve improved the BOM creation window page. The same BOM configuration options are available, just formatted in a more concise fashion.
  • Support For Density, Surface Area and Volume Properties.
  • Transparent Login – We removed the need to sign in to your OpenBOM account each time you open an Onshape Document with an OpenBOM BOM. Learn more here.

OpenBOM’s Integrated Cloud App is free in the Onshape App Store. Try it here!


OneRender is the secure, cloud-based 3D design and animation render platform for architectural visualization and prototyping. Several new features have been added:

  • Render Animation – Trace a path in the scene and visualize different aspects of the project in a video.
  • Share Projects – Share the latest version of your project with others and work collaboratively.
  • New Interface Design – Changes in the menus, colors, typography size and color contrast.

Check out this video to learn more.


Parmetric, a new Integrated Cloud App, provides an automated quoting and ordering system for Onshape sheet metal parts.

Here’s how it works:

  • Design a sheet metal part in Onshape using sheet metal features.
  • Select the part in the Parmetric app and receive instant feedback on manufacturability, price and lead time.
  • Add multiple parts to a single quote with different quantities, finishes or materials in the unique BOM view.
  • Purchase the parts inside of Onshape and have it shipped directly to you.

For a more detailed look at Parmetric, watch this video.


OnCreate3D, the first full-cloud CAM app, has added Pencil and Leftover toolpaths. These toolpaths are specifically useful for machining fillets and regions not machined by previous big tools. Pencil and Leftover are used after finishing toolpath operations so that the tool cuts away only the un-machined regions, leaving the surface finish untouched.

OnCreate3D also detects the changes in an Onshape Document and gives users an opportunity to fetch the latest Document for further processing. Toolpath operations created on old Onshape Documents are regenerated automatically, maintaining the associativity between the design and machining process.


ONU is pleased to announce that its 3D visualization platform is now available in the Onshape App Store. Convert & Optimize by ONU is the only cloud-based solution for efficiently creating lightweight polygonal FBX and OBJ files from CAD data. This product employs automation with patent-pending technology to create a polygonal model in just minutes, retaining the part number and hierarchy information to enable interactive technical applications.

The app allows for unlimited sharing of models via the ONU web viewer, and will permit a limited number of free exports so that users can appreciate the versatility of the output, which can serve AR, VR, web, and mobile applications.

For more information on ONU’s Convert & Optimize app, watch this webinar.

That wraps up this “What’s New” update. As always, we’d love to know what you think of Onshape’s partners and what kind of engineering tools you’d like to see next in our ecosystem. Please share your thoughts in the Onshape Forums!