Whether it's FEA, CAM, rendering or a myriad of other tasks, the Onshape App Store is the place to go to find professional solutions that work natively with your cloud CAD platform. 

The Onshape App Store is unlike any other traditional CAD partner website. It’s a modern marketplace where you can browse, try and purchase applications directly from within the marketplace. For Onshape’s Integrated Cloud Apps, there is no need to download or install additional software. Just click on the Subscribe button and you are good to go with new products that add:

  • Multiphysics simulation using HPC from an exciting new partner;
  • Technical documentation for all your assembly and service instructions;
  • Turnkey PLM for distributed hardware teams;
  • 2D schematic design for electro-mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, & P&IDs;
  • Cross-discipline project management, customizable document views, and visual history/hierarchy; 
  • and more! 


If you have not yet visited the Onshape App Store, below are a few highlights of recent additions that might be of interest. 

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new this fall:

cadasio modernizes your technical communications by creating 3D, animated, interactive instructions using your CAD data

With cadasio, you can repurpose your CAD data to visually communicate your product information with anyone. Sharing your assembly instructions, O&M manuals, and other technical documentation can be published to the web in a click of a button.

Plus, with a high likelihood that these communications will be viewed on a mobile phone or tablet, this documentation can be designed with those formats in mind. If, or more likely WHEN your design changes, this documentation can be updated without requiring rework.

Take a look at the example below:

Duro PLM is simple, fast Product Lifecycle Management software that helps your team securely centralize and track your important product and supply chain data 

Duro PLM is a simple and fast PLM system that will help your team securely track important product and supply chain data from a centralized location. Duro directly links to the Release Management workflow built into Onshape, and has some turnkey implementations that can be set up in hours – not days, weeks or months as typically happens with traditional PLM implementation.


Electra Cloud is a 2D schematic design app primarily for electrical, but can also be used for pneumatic, hydraulic, or P&IDs 

Electra Cloud is a 2D schematic design tool primarily for electro-mechanical work, but it can also be used for pneumatic, hydraulic, and P&IDs. It is intuitive thanks to drag-and-drop simplicity, and its inclusion of pre-fab circuits. Plus, the ability to add your own commonly used circuits will help you get your job done quicker than ever. 

Addressing one of the most tedious aspects of the design process, wiring is automated in Electra Cloud. Wires are automatically added when symbols are dropped into proximity of existing wiring, and naming nomenclature is propagated intelligently. 

OneIPM is a feature-rich Integrated Project Management solution for Onshape used to customize your Document views, interrogate design hierarchy, or manage tasks for CAD and non-CAD users alike

OneIPM is an Integrated Project Management solution for Onshape that brings many powerful features to the interface in a seamless manner. OneIPM allows Onshape users to:

  • Customize your Document views with a grid view for large thumbnail images, or a traditional flat or indented BOM view for easy inline editing of properties.

  • Interrogate design hierarchy in a variety of ways including linear or radial charts.

  • See a visual version history rebuild, or rewind with the drag of a slider.

In addition to those changes, OneIPM also includes a powerful task management and tracking tool for everyone at your organization – both CAD and non-CAD users alike.  

OnScale Solve is the first Cloud Engineering Simulation platform that combines powerful multi-physics solver technology with the limitless compute power of cloud supercomputers

OnScale Solve combines multiphysics solvers with the compute power of the cloud. This fantastic addition to the simulation category will start as a Connected Cloud App, but will soon be integrated directly into Onshape. With our transparent product roadmap, you can see plans to add CFD, dynamic simulation studies, nonlinear, multiphysics, acoustics, electrical, adaptive meshing, and SO much more in the coming months.

Visit Onscale.com to see the full roadmap, and start learning it today.

Onshape's Cloud Apps are "Try and Buy"

You’ll notice that the Onshape App Store has added some really powerful and impactful tools in the last quarter. All of these apps offer a “try and buy” approach, so test them out to see if they are right for you!